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Please help!


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I've just emailed my CV to a company with regards to a job application. I have a laptop with windows XP, so the CV was send on a microsoft works word document. The guy emailed back saying he couldn't open it and could i sent it in a word document.


I tried to send it in a wordpad document but again he couldnt read it.


Anyone know what i can do??



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There's a handy bit of freeware called pdf995 (get it here: http://www.pdf995.com/) that allows you to print any text document to a .pdf (Acrobat) file. So instead of sending the doc to a printer it sends it to a location on your computer saved as a .pdf file. If he doesn't have Acrobat viewer or doesn't know how to get it, you probably don't want to work for him ;)

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