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Women drivers


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From PA:


A businesswoman who forgot an important piece of paperwork before a lunchtime meeting watched in horror as her 4x4 vehicle plunged over a cliff.

Molly Burrows, 28, had left the engine of her Mitsubishi Pajero running while she nipped back to her home on the cliff top at Easton Bavents, near Southwold, Suffolk.

But moments later she watched in horror as her car drove off by itself and plunged more than 20ft over a sea wall, landing nose first in the sand.

"The brake was on and as it is an automatic it was in park," she said.

"But because I had pulled the choke out completely, the rev counter had gone mad and off it went. I tried to run after it, but then I saw it disappear."

Mrs Burrows said that when she told her husband, David, about what had happened yesterday he had laughed and said he was relieved she was unhurt.

"We have been told the car will be a write-off but at the end of the day it's just a car, and you can replace that," she added.

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