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Odd kids from school


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I have this outrageously fat s*** in my class who stinks of sweat and is going to see Kelly Clarkson in concert in March.


And yes this is a lad I am talking about...


Another one who went on a gay porn site one week and said he went on it because everyone told him to and he went on it 3 TIMES in ONE Hour the NEXT WEEK.


Alot of the pople in my school are odd I just don't know much about it.


Oh but their was this lad who w***ed off my science teacher in an assembley hall when she was rehersing her dance routine, fortunatly for him he has left and their wasn't many people in the hall that time and I wasn't the person who spotted this, it was someone else...

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Is it just me who managed to get through my school days without seeing another pupil having a w***?


I almost feel like I've missed out on a rite of passage.




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The worst story i can remember doesnt involve any pupils but my headmaster.


He was very strict and pretty scary from what i can remember,


He stupidly let some boys use a video of his for natural history without wiping what was on it.


So around 6 boys were treated to a special background inisght of the head's private life. Near the end of the tape, it suddenly cut to my old headmaster stark b****** naked putting a broomstick up his saggy old a******.


Nevertheless, he was sacked that evening and the boys had to go through counselling.

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Our headmaster got sacked as he basically ripped the school out of thousands. The Rev Francis (who'd a thunk a rev doing this??) spent a small fortune entertaining the 6th form as long as they brought lasses along.


I got in the 6th form a year too late for all this :(


He later turned up as Father French working for a school in Preston.

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Whilst it seems that most of your school chums were content with w***inhg a nd s****ing, my school mate had more serious things on his mind.




He had this to say in July 2005:


The leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann has formally ordered an end to the armed campaign. All IRA units have been ordered to dump arms.


All Volunteers have been instructed to assist the development of purely political and democratic programmes through exclusively peaceful means.


Volunteers must not engage in any other activities whatsoever.



Even at age 15 Walshy was adamant and ardent about the Republican cause and what he viewed as the 'Injustices' of the past.


I guess it makes a change from keek/spunk - ville. ;)

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och sure having some provies in the school is run of the mill bootser..... the question is did he use to w*** down the back of maths or suck up other peoples gob.



There was a lad in our primary school who got his head stuck in a chair.....was freaking out etc had his teacher crying and the headmaster desperate...after about half an hour he suddenly turned his head and pulled it out and started laughing at them......he also tried to push another pupil under the bin lorry "for a laugh"....on christmas day my cousin let him have a ride on his bike which he had got that morning....guy brought it back hours later and had absolutely f***ing wrecked it....bad b*****d.

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Walshy was not yer 'Some Provie'. Probably never dirtied his hands (M'lud) but was certainly politically more aware than the rest of us. I remember him getting into a heated debate with a teacher about the pros & cons of the use of violence as a means of self-determination; Teacher lost.


All we wanted to do was keek in a bin or in a teachers ashtray - something I can say (with a modicum of pride) we excelled at.

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We had these two nutters who used to go around preaching neo-nazi doctrine and formulating a plan to take over the world, which they wrote up into a 50 page essay. One of them eventually fell in love with a Jewish bird in our class. Unfortunately for him, the stupid c*nt still had a swastika scratched into his arm.


The same lad decided, one day, that he'd try and be bisexual and briefly made a habit of getting drunk and snogging poofs. Apparently that wasn't the end of his confusion because one weekend he got himself sh*tfaced at a party and forced the family's dog to give him a blowjob... and then bragged about it to all and sundry.

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My classmates were probably very normal.


However, I'd like to give a mention to Wolfram and Carola. Two mavericks.


Wolfram. We were in the same class at the age of 14-16. An extremely shy boy. He was certainly not stupid, but his sheepishness seemed to block his brain and his ability to reason.


One morning his pocket calculator fell down on the floor. When he finally managed to leave his row, the Physics teacher said to him: "Ah Wolfram, sit down. Sooner or later, it will be compacted." - So, he returned to his seat. Without the calculator.



Carola (> 16-18). A country girl. Pudgy, somewhat clumsy and with a funny dialect. I will never forget the first lesson. We were ordered to introduce ourselves in English. She said hesitantly: "Ehh, I'm Carola... [very hasty] but please call me Jane!!" (and she insisted on this name).


I could still die laughing, as it was so incredibly absurd.

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