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Trouble on Sat?


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Just curious as to whether there was much/any fisty cuffs on Sat after the usual "welcome" our lads got in the league game at their place?

Was in Blackpool this weekend and went to a bar full of FC United fans who'd been the big game against Blackpool Mechanics - what a bunch of in-breds!

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who were the FC United lot gunning for?


Didn't stay in the particular bar long enough to find out tbh!! Most of our group are LFC, they didn't suss us luckily. Prob cos we're from Mid Wales, but one of our lot is a "bit thick" when it comes to situations lke that and would almost certainly of put his foot in it if we'd stayed, plus I had my Hillsbrough wristband on so they may have started

"asking questions" eventually? There were a few scuffles in town later, but can't say for sure they were the mancs involved. Apparantly there were about 4000 of them in town - must have kicked off somewhere although a taxi driver told us that Forest kicked of big time last weekend so bizzies were out in force.

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