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Moving house - Telewest or Sky


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Moving house in a fortnight. Might change Telly/ Internet supplier.


Using Sky Satellite at the moment and Telewest for phone and Blueyonder internet supplier.



Are Telewest any good for cable TV ?



Seems its a choice of


i) Sky, which is more expensive but you can get Sky+ or


ii) Telewest for cable TV - cant get Sky+ but its cheaper plus you don't get disruptions due to weather ??, or even


iii) Bt or some other cheaper internet supplier



Have I got that about right ? What does everyone else use and which would you prefer ?

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PVR (Telewest's 'Sky+') launches in about 2 months I think.

3 built in tuners etc, so a decent box.


Sky has a good user interface, loads quicker than TW or NTL's, and that alone would swing it for me..haha



Launches nationwide on wednesday as it goes.


Sky's better but some areas, like mine, don't allow you dishes so we've had to get telewest - its ok.


Their version of plus is better than sky's - 3 or 4 tuners and bigger hd space - also, there's not up front fee - just an extra fiver a month i think.

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