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Gonzalez last night..

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i totally forgot about the game (Sociedad / Valencia) last night.. was flicking through the channels and spotted it though it only had about 20 mins (or thereabouts left)..


when i put it on the commentator was saying something like "well, we now know that Gonzalez' nickname will indeed be Speedy when he joins Liverpool".. missed whatever he'd done just prior to that though.. then, as the Law Of Sod would have it Sociedad didn't seem to wanna pass the ball to the boy for the next 10/15 mins or so despite the fact he was continually moving out wide into space.. therefore i didn't get to good a look at him apart from one little burst to the touchline, a header off target (under pressure though otherwise he'd have scored ;) probably!) and a whipped ball in that had no-one attacking it (get used to that kid! :D )


anyone else see him - did he play well?

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