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Manchester City

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Very impressed by the job Pearce is doing there at the moment.


He seems to be bringing some excellent young talent through in the likes of Barton and Richards, but also buying well from Europe.


Riera and Samaras both look like good signings. Riera has a great left foot and puts quality delivery into the area, whilst Samaras looks gangly and awkward, but is actually very good both aerially and on the deck.


With Pearce's honest, straightforward way of doing things and his great handling of the Fowler move back to us (and of course their shared dislike of United), City are becoming more than ever a team I like and would be pleased to see do well.


Of course I'd be even happier if Pearce p1ssed off to Newcastle as it would win me as fair few quid, but watching them play I don't think my money is on the winning horse.


He seems to be putting together a side which could challenge for Europe consistently for the next few years, comes across as a bloke with a sense of loyalty and would probably be foolish to leave for the Newcastle circus anyway...

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He'll be severly hampered by a lack of funds tho to bring them to another level. I think they'll be be consistent mid-table and borderline Euro chances but any good young fellows they bring through will be snapped up cos the can't afford to keep them

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