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September 11th 2001


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Refuse to even look at the evidence...


The only bit of your 'evidence' I bothered to look at turned out to be totally irrelevant and didn't even contain what you said it contained.


This indicates that looking at any more of your so-called evidence would be a complete waste of time.

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Years ago I used to follow a newsgroup about the Kennedy assassination. There were the two opposing sides, obviously, and the fence-sitters just like here. The only difference was that they were always able to discuss the matter and issues without calling anyone an idiot, loon, wacko, et al, ad nauseam...


I suspect the point you are trying to make relates to the name calling that has now sprung up in this thread, but I think the bit of your post that I have bolded above is key to the distinct difference between this thread and those you have followed on the Kennedy site.



There has been plenty of discussion in this thread, but unfortunately none of it has come from adayinthelife.

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I agree that the Government's are always going to have hidden agendas and stuff we may never know, and that there are lot of things about 9/11 that don't stack up.


The difference between Hillsborough and this though, is that in the case of Hillsborough the government and police were covering up their appalling and tragic errors. They didn't plan the thing in the first place, which is what adayinthelife appears to be claiming about 9/11.


My take is that Governments are pretty much always going to try and cover up massive c*ck ups, and spin stuff to their heart's content to paint a rosy picture of their actions after the events.


What I think a lot of people on here find hard to swallow (including me) is that a Government could actually plot and carry out the thing themselves and then cover THAT up. The evidence that adayinthelife has presented is circumstantial, in other words based on opinion of people, some seemingly experts (although there's plenty of experts available to counter their opinions) and some not.


What adayinthelife has missed is that he truly believes that because a certain amount of people have expressed an opinion that the Government planned the whole thing then THAT IS AN UNARGUABLE FACT. This is where he went wrong from the very start.


They are only his (and others) opinions. Same as those who say that this conspiracy theory has just as many holes in it as the conspiracists claim about the Government's version of events is also a set of opinions. Which ought to be debatable.


He's not having it though. Anyone who disagrees with him is a blinkered fool who is clearly wrong. That's no way to enter a debate.

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It's a shame this topic has descended into name calling and squabbling apart from that the topic has been a good read, I thought adayinthe life was trying to determine a certain amount of reasonable doubt about 9/11 and did it quite well. Ok his style is like having David Icke round for tea in the end your going to get a bit peeved with the preaching and retoric but he has presented evidence to doubt the official story and has tried to debate some if not all of your questions but its a bit much to expect him to be the absolute oracle of the events of 9/11.


I doubt anyone knows the full details of these matters, wether it be Bin Laden, Bush or the supreme Lizard Illuminati (or whatever) I know one thing for certain, Govenments and politicians lie to their people on a routine basis, most of the remainder of what they tell us is spun in some way. so how are we expected to know the truth from the lies.


Maybe if our leaders followed an honest and reasonable agenda after these tragedies and were seen to investigate the causes in a thorough and honest manner the official stories would seem more credible.


The Hillsborough tragedy is another typical example of a Goverment operated cover up, where even from the very minute trouble started the authorities were lying to cover their backs, re Dukenfield telling graham kelly at 3.37pm that hundreds of Liverpool fans had rushed the gates and forced them open, or the no evidence is relevant after 3.15PM nonsense, video tapes going missing from the control room and off the record briefings given to Scum reporters.


And what did the taylor report come up with all seater stadia, that despite the fact we have stood on terraces for years quite safely but they could charge us 4 times as much and identity cards for football fans and alchool bans but very little about piss poor organization, Liverpool fans given the wrong end of the ground no safety certificate and Dukenfiled out of his depth.


Too many lies its hard to tell the truth, the hidden agenda's just shroud the issue's further.


None of which provides any evidence whatsoever to support a 'controlled demolition' theory.


Providing evidence to doubt the official explanation and providing evidence to support the controlled demolition theory are NOT the same thing.


IMO, adayinthelife seems to be unable or unwilling to draw this distinction. It's something he has in common with many religious people. And, also like religious people, arguing rationally against these fallacies simply seems to strengthen this irrational faith.

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How is that evidence? What's it supposed to imply?

its supposed to imply that explosions caused the flash then the windows to blow out at random points throughout the building many stroies below the fire just as the towers began to collapse thus allowing them to crumple as they did, for if it hadnt happened this way a hell of a lot more girders/steel infrastructure would have remained standing.



as i said its all on one of those conspiracy programmes.....its just that unlike adayinthelife i do not take what i see on these programmes as the gospel

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