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Simon 'hairgel' Jordan

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They must show some dignity and stop briefing journalists about every twist and fart. They must make it clear the new coach won't be announced until after the World Cup: Sven doesn't need to be further undermined by a tabloid push for the new man to have a role. And then they need to work out what they are looking for, not who.


totally right.


The clamour to name Sven's successor pre World Cup is utterly feckin stupid


hear hoddle going on about it? that the new manager should be integrated into the set-up now and should travel to the world cup? f***ing mentalist.

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its scary that someone so involved with football can make comments like that, yet still changes do not happen.


Makes you realise how much power lies with so few.


Its makes it clearer why european clubs are fined 2.50 Euros for all sorts of trouble. roma playing one game behind closed doors, well done, that does nothing.


Its about time UEFA got tough, and told the clubs IN ADVANCE that from 2006/7, any club with racism issues will be fined 100,000 euros. another offence, the game declared null, and the away team awarded 3-0. Another offence, and you are knocked out of europe for the remainder of teh current season and the next.

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But they've bought it: we're seeing grown adults arguing about how 'English' Martin O'Neill is; highly paid executives following this British Bulldog bulls*** that a patriotic 'English' coach will somehow be genetically more loyal, more dedicated, less randy and less likely to listen to job offers from Chelsea.



Someone get him a real position of power rather than arsing around at Selhurst Park.

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