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Good Night, and Good Luck


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Saw this tonight, excellent.


Scary undertones of what's happening today in America, the word "patriot" seems to have a few meanings....


Question: Has George Clooney made a bad film?*


* discounting Batman & Robin, which really wasn't his fault.

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Tremendous film. With that and Syriana, George Clooney has rocketed up in my estimation.


And bad Clooney films - try Ocean's Twelve.

Hmmm....my lass came up with that one, I'm torn. Parts I like (Vincent Cassel, Clooney, Damon), parts I loathed (Julia Roberts being Julia Roberts but NOT Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, the fact that half the movie is a lie). I dunno, guess I'll have to give that one. Also, he made some shockers in his early career.


Directorially he's made two very good films, big fan of Confessions of A Dangerous Mind.


Haven't seen Syriana, can't wait though, looks class and has Dr. Bashir in it! :yes:

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intolerable cruelty is a s**** film too.

Disagree, love that film.


- Ocean's Eleven

- Ocean's Twelve

- Ocean's Thirteen (inevitably)

- Solaris

- Spy Kids


George Clooney is ace though. Anyone who does the bark of a gay dog on south park is cool in my book.

O12 and Spy Kids I'll give you, though his involvement in the latter is minimal and I bet to 11-12yr olds Spy Kids is great. I thought Solaris was a good remake, though poorly marketed. You can't have a film that hasn't been made yet ;) though if it's more of 12 it will be utter s****.

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