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Quote from Ferguson


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He doesn't know what he's talking about.


" Liverpool can play for 5 minutes and win the game, that is the way they are ". Quite possibly but there's no way that's a fair reflection of the match.


" Good set piece delivery "

More tripe but the set pieces were better today


" Dominated the second half "

Don't see how he can say that at all. We played deeper for the final 20 minues or so but they never, ever dominated us.



And how can he say they lost because of bad luck ?

Bad management, inferior team and an attack that failed to really trouble us.

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i think any statement following a defeat where ferguson doesn't criticise the ref or opposition usually can be construed as magnanimous, by his standards.


they did have more posession than us in the second half too.

Even that drunkard couldn't complain about the barsteward love-child of Mike Riley doing exactly what his disgraceful comments leading up to the match insisted happened.


Even Riley would have been embarrassed to have given the Munsters everything like Webb did. I used to think he was a decent referee but he was pitifully poor today.


And if they had the ball in the second half what did they do with it?


They can have no complaints. The better team won.

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Dominated the 2nd half? What was he drinking?

I don't know but they must be adding ethanol to it! Blind pissed old twunt! :lol:


'We dominated the second half - we passed the ball backards endlessly and then out of play far more often than they did and while they were still playing clever football across the field we resorted to hoofing it down the middle. With better finishing Wes Brown could have had two goals'

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They got into it a little second half by playing long ball stuff because they couldn't get a thing out of our midfield. They were so totally bossed in that area it was embarrassing to think these sides are supposedly at the same level.


even that tactic failed though 'cos carra and sami were so utterly dominant over van nistelrooy. even throwing saha on, so that they effectively had five forwards on the pitch, gave them nothing.

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