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motson "Manchester utd have long been known for the late comebacks, who could forget the champions league final of 99'


pause while the penny drops.


......"of course liverpool know a think or two about that as well he he he he"




And why does Lawrenson feel the need to spends 90 minutes trying to make witty one liners rather than actually comment on incidents. Annoys the hell out of me.

get Alan Green commentating on the telly. Motsons as mad as a bucket of frogs.



no not Alan Green


I am in a minority who cannot stand him


He might be a red but his commentary pisses me off...everything is black and white and he has an opinion on everything

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I can't believe Motson is still allowed anywhere near a microphone - he is just an embarrassment - he seems to mis-read or miss almost every major incident, and half the time doesn't know which teams or players he is commentating on.

Referred to Gerrard as "the England man"


f*** off. He's the Liverpool captain.

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The problem with BBC commentry and analysis at half time, was how can Man Utd turn it around, how can Man Utd come back, how can Man Utd get van Horse and Rooooooooneeeeeeeeey more into the game, it was all Man Utd and their needs. Liverpool seemed to be a bystander in their efforts to talk about that lot

And Motson needs to be taken in a nursing home and be treated for his Alzheimer's

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Loads of stoppage time? Manchester United?


How odd....


Think the Smith injury was a minor influencing factor there!


Why does everyone get so precious about what commentators or summarisers say - frankly, who cares?


We all watch the games, we know what we see, so lets just chill and laugh at dear old Motty!!! :bleh:

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Bizarre moment from the commentating dream team during the 2nd half after Van Nist was caught offside, then they watch the replay...


Motson ponders whether it was the right decision, cue lawro "well you're either pregnant or you're not"....



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redcafe are trying to encourage people to file complaints to the BBC, they have a URL linking to the complaints site...

absolutley laughable... if they wanna see bias then they should have watched Andy feckin' Gray over the years....

cry baby manc t***s...

and they say we have self pity..

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