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The live chat with Jay-Z Talking about arsenal, hiphop, life, beef the works

Jay Blizzay

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For those that wanted it :cooler:


[Feb 16 2006 2:30PM]

Thanks to all of you who came out to the Jay-Z chat yesterday. There were so many of you there, that our servers decided to go on break for a bit. We thank you for your patience, and for all of your great questions. Unfortunately we couldn't get to them all, but we got as many in as we could!


Jay-Z: go ahead and start sending your questions....

Jay-Z: we crashed the server

Jay-Z: just to get back to the cam situation and get that out of the way

Jay-Z: in case you missed this it's obvious he is just doing this for attention

Jay-Z: i think he's killing himself so i don't feel a need to do anything at this time


Jay-Z: haaa


Guest: Besides dead presidents - what is your fav song done by you?


Jay-Z: Can I Live and D'Evils


PrincessCarter: when is the album coming out. we need it. please jay. please. I can't stand hiphop anymore. I've been a strong supporter since 1997. And I can't live without my fix. Please.


Jay-Z: i don't know at this time about doing a new album

Jay-Z: although im itching to do one

Jay-Z: well see

Jay-Z: and thank you. i need a fix too


biggkam: Also, what's the status of Beanie Sigel? Is he still signed to Rocafella, or is he straight Def Jam?


Jay-Z: we're working out a situation where beans can do his own album

Jay-Z: label i mean...

Jay-Z: but right now he's signed to roc-a-fella


Mittens: Not too long ago, you were rumoured to be taking over Arsenal Football Club in England. Have you still got interested in taking over a Premiership club? As you'd do well at Manchester City.


Jay-Z: we were in preliminary talks but nothings done yet


sistap: What happened to Amil?


Jay-Z: being in the music business is hard work

Jay-Z: not always glamour and glitz

Jay-Z: you know it's early mornings and late nights

Jay-Z: and not everyone is cut out for it


greeneyesmami06: when is bleek's next album?


Jay-Z: he's working on some stuff now

Jay-Z: but he's doing a clothing line

Jay-Z: and possible movie right now


actionkeisha: what do you like to do on your days off?


Jay-Z: what days off?? haaaa

Jay-Z: 'jay every day no days off' trivia question for yall what song is that from?


tyaangel: what kind of advice would you give to an aspiring singer/rapper?


Jay-Z: you have to believe strongly in yourself b/c in this business until you have a buzz everybody treats you like s***

Jay-Z: and you gotta be prepared to work hard


DAfranchiseJR: what do u think about AZ, prolly the most underrated rapper in the game today?


Jay-Z: i think talib is underrated

Jay-Z: black thought is underrated

Jay-Z: up until his last album common was underrated

Jay-Z: i think AZ is pretty good


Young_Nebz: i wanted to know what was going on wit Freeway and this talk about him being with G-Unit?


Jay-Z: freeway is on roc-a-fella

Jay-Z: him and 50 spoke and talked about doing some work together but he is on roc-a-fella


Tawana: How do you handle negative vibes towards you from other artists?


Jay-Z: thats not something i have to deal with.

Jay-Z: that's their problem

Jay-Z: my problem is doing me, staying positive, making history


roclachica: Mr. President of Def Jam do you feel more pressure than you did being an artist?


Jay-Z: its not really pressure its just a challenge

Jay-Z: and i welcome all challenges


[Feb 16 2006 2:28PM]

jordany: are you excited about Ne-Yo ?


Jay-Z: very excited about ne-yo we're about to have the no. 1 single in the country with so sick

Jay-Z: and could possibly have the #1 album when comes out 2/28 (shameless plug)

Jay-Z: when it comes out rather


joannaw09: How did ti feel to make history at Madison Square


Jay-Z: one of the milestone moments in my career

Jay-Z: and you gotta remember that the black album had just came and everybody was singing every word off the albu,

Jay-Z: album rather

Jay-Z: and the fact that it sold out in 15 minutes


tyaangel: how do you feel about people downloading your songs and albums?


Jay-Z: i feel that if you love a person and their work

Jay-Z: you should purchase it

Jay-Z: b/c they put their blood sweat and tears in it


Reese: Whats the hardest thing you've faced in this career so far, or had faced? In life too


Jay-Z: to be really real with everybody in here, my nephew passing

Jay-Z: personally and professionally i learn from mistakes

Jay-Z: so it's no big deal

Jay-Z: great question


Villian54: How do you feel about R.Kelly? do you have a buff with him?


Jay-Z: i don't have beef with him but he is suing me so we're not friends... haaa


carter02b: What did you learn from the whole Damon Dash situation and selling of the ROC?


Jay-Z: people grow and sometimes they grow together and sometimes they grow apart


Young Indian MC - ROC LA FAMILIA: Was there ever a point in your career when you just wanted to stop rapping, before the retirement, before Vol. 1?


Jay-Z: to be honest with you, in my delusional mind

Jay-Z: i thought i would make 1 album

Jay-Z: and cross over to the executive side

Jay-Z: but you know when you love something it's hard to just walk away

Jay-Z: besides i was the only artist at the time on roc-a-fella


hustleallday: Jay, first off I would like to say thank you for constantly inspiring me throughout many times in my life. My question is what personally inspires you day after day to keep on striving to be the best at everything that you do?


Jay-Z: im inspired by winners.... i don't hate to lose i love to win

Jay-Z: and thank you


Trix2007: How different would the rap game be if Biggie was still here?


Jay-Z: i think we would've made the commission album

Jay-Z: so that would have been special

Jay-Z: as far as the rap game there is no telling

Jay-Z: he coulda got 10 times or he coulda got worn out by the pressures of success

Jay-Z: 10 times better rather

Jay-Z: i would like to believe he wouldve gotten better

Jay-Z: and the game wouldve gotten better


orre: Have you ever had a "normal" job, like mailman?

Jay-Z: i've never had a normal job unfortunately or fortunately... who knows

Jay-Z: i remember rap pages did a thing,'what if,' i worked at KFC or something like that

Jay-Z: and people believed it was real


MizRoc: Any movies in your future?


Jay-Z: maybe

Jay-Z: i had a couple meetings last about doing a whole roc films division that went great

Jay-Z: im so busy with the music i don't know when i'll get around to that

Jay-Z: we were supposed to go from 5 to 6 but b/c of our technical difficulties we're gonna go for an extra 15 minutes

Jay-Z: send in some good questions while you still have the chance


sistap: With the opening of your clubs,owning a basketball team, and running a label, how do you relax?


Jay-Z: i vacation twice a year

Jay-Z: i play a lot of madden

[Feb 16 2006 2:27PM]

Be: Whats Going On With Foxy Brown?


Jay-Z: she just had a operation out in LA

Jay-Z: and hopefully within the next couple weeks her hearing will slowly start to come back


Foog: Will you be featured on Big L's new project?

Jay-Z: are they doing a new big l project? this is the first i'm hearing of it


Spox: What about The "Black Book" ??


Jay-Z: i have the book

Jay-Z: i haven't even read it yet

Jay-Z: im having anxiety about reading it so at this time i can't put it out


melissa: whos your fav old school rapper?


Jay-Z: rakim and kane

Jay-Z: and g rap


LILLT: are you working on any new sing to to defjam


Jay-Z: of course everyday i'm hustling... we just signed rick ross and slip and slide

nyqguru: how do u feel about the passing of Jay Dee and how well did u know dude


Jay-Z: i didn't know him personally i was a fan of his work from afar

Jay-Z: i was talking to ahmir from the roots the other day about him

Jay-Z: and he told me he was the producers' producers' producer

Jay-Z: and they had made a song dedicated to him before he passed

Jay-Z: and we're going to put that out in honor of him... may he rest in peace


Roclafam: what is your biggest regret?


Jay-Z: the sunshine video.... haaaaaaa


Tre186: How bout you sign Mike Jackson to DefJam or better yet THE ROC


Jay-Z: what!!!!!


sistap: why didn't you like the sunshine video?


Jay-Z: b/c i wasn't doing me i was trying to follow what was hot at the time

Jay-Z: i just made reasonable doubt

Jay-Z: it didn't sell what i thought it should sell but

Jay-Z: i didn't realize the foundation that it laid for me to be the artist that i am today


Reepo: Whats The best decision you've made in your career??


Jay-Z: having ownership in the team i play for, roc-a-fella


orre: What's the story about the Roots on def jam


Jay-Z: ive always had a friendship with ahmir

Jay-Z: weve done a lot of work... unplugged, different concerts

Jay-Z: i just felt that he was the one to lead that whole def jam movement

Jay-Z: he led the movement that was considered to be 'neo-soul'

Jay-Z: i hate that word but you know what i mean


tymezgs: jay what do you look for in a artist


Jay-Z: something that's gonna move the culture forward.

Jay-Z: something that rings honest

Jay-Z: something that leaves a legacy

Jay-Z: hot ass song

Jay-Z: a complete album

Jay-Z: a superstar

Jay-Z: people don't buy songs they buy into artists


JAY-ZBLUE: what do 400mil look like?


Jay-Z: haaaa....

Jay-Z: having the baby will change your life

Jay-Z: whether you have 1million or a billion dollars like oprah

Jay-Z: your life doesn't change much

Jay-Z: had a great time chatting with yall and i look forward to doing it again next month... back to the hustle

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