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How legally binding is

Guest Kev

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Surely if the person doesn't actually bring in the written notice, then the boss is in a bit of a quandary as he has no formal proof that the employee wanted to quit. Mind you, it could be very uncomfortable for the employee if he says he no longer wishes to carry out his threat/promise and retains the job. I suppose the old adage applies here: "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on".

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It's not me, it's the missus. She's actually resigned from her job, but she found out that a replacement had already been arranged before she actually handed in her notice.

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So if someone says "I'm bringing in my notice tomorrow", and before they do that their boss is on the phone trying to get a replacement.


means nothing at all mate


If he had say i quit then its final if you want to take him up on it


must say one of the magic words to mean anything


if someone said that to me Kev and i wanted them out i would have simply said"here write it down a piece of paper then shut the door on your way out"





Its very hard to sack or get rid of someone that does not want to leave


but its really easy to get there back up so they hand there notice in ;)


If she want to keep her job or mess the boss about i would take a letter stating here grievence and say that if thinks don't change i may be forced to look else where for employment ;)

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