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Benfica away roll call


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Well since i'm in Liverpool from tomorrow evening till sunday i won't be back online till sunday afternoon.


I'm there, followed by the usual RAWK mob.


Arrive in Lisbon at 4.20pm on monday.

Are you on the Iberia from Heathrow via Madrid?


If Will's on it he can buy me that pint.

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and if even I'm going that's got to piss kev and anny off even more :woohoo:



no f***ing way :angry:


Kirsty and I arriving too on Monday afternoon. Staying in some slum. A quiet evening out with fine wine and local delicacies on Monday night, sightseeing and shopping on Tuesday morning. It all gets messy after that :rolleyes:



wht...? I aint going? :unsure:

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