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Young lads move to Melwood


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Team : U17

Date of Birth: 5/2/87

Position : Defender

Nationality : English





Calum hails from Anfield and has been at the Academy since the age of 10. Under-18 Academy manager John Owens said: ?Calum is normally a right back but is quite adaptable to playing left back.


He is quite tall but physically his upper body strength is not quite there yet but that will come. He has a very good touch and is good on the ball. He can pass and is an attacking right back.





Adam Hammill

Date of Birth: 25-1-88

Position : Midfield

Nationality : English





Under-18 Academy manager John Owens said: ?Adam is a player with a tremendous range of skill with his step overs and natural movement on the ball. He is a first year with promise and excites people with his natural ability.


He plays like Cristiano Ronaldo albeit on a different level but he can open up defences. What he does need to work on is he needs to use his skill at the right times and in the right areas. In a perfect situation the role he would play in your side would be similar to Joe Cole, as Adam has the ability to play in the hole just off the striker.

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I've seen Hamill twice for the U18's and he reall needs to hone his decision-making. Time after time he refused simple five yard passes to try and skin his opponent.


It's great when it comes off but he tries it too much and generally infuriates most people watching him. Unless he addresses that side of his game, he's got absolutely no chance of making it here.

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He's only 17, the only way for talented lads to figure out what works and what doesn't, and when to attempt something is by trial and error (and a bit of coaching) hopefully he'll pick up a few bits and pieces at Melwood

True, Guthrie has come on leaps and bounds since he went to Melwood!

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