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Has Gerrard become our greatest ever midfielder?

floyd the barber

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one of those where your always thinking back to the greats and looking to compare..


Generally speaking many people believe souness was our greatest midfielder, now how does Gerrard compare??


Which other former reds can compete for the spot of being our greatest midfielder..

Mcmahon,Mcdermott,jimmy case.....any other names you`d like to nominate?


Sometimes i think we take for granted just how good Gerrard is...

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ha! ok...


so who is our greatest ever midfielder???


For me, Gerrard now has that....i believe as an all round player he has overtaken souness....regardless of the fact we havent won the league with gerrard in the side.


The league is the yardstick to measure ourselves against. We haven;t done that with Gerrard in the side - yet.



greatest ever? Thats a tough one.

Barnes? Case? Skippy? Heighway? Souness? Liddell? too subjective to have a definative answer.

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this season Gerrard is showing consistently how good he can be. Last season he didn't. The season before he did so brilliantly for the last few months of the season. Prior to that he was learning, he was raw, sometimes showing that great talent, other times not so much of a factor. He's also had spells of being hyped to high heaven which seems to have got to his head, and thats had an affect. But now, thats not a factor - he's grown up - BIG TIME this season.


Ask again in 2 or 3 years is my view on it! Gerrard needs to play at this or similar level consistently for a fair few years!


But to be at the level he's at is something special. But aged 25, I think he's still gonna get better - and consistency is part of that. And he's working for the right coaches to get better and better.


So far, Souness still is the greatest for me. And as I saw him far more - Jan Molby will be high up there too.

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Haven't seen much at all of Souness or McDermott but we won the league with them as critical players in the side and all dispatches are excellent.


Saw a lot of Whelan, as yet not name-checked in this thread, who remains the finest midfielder I've ever seen a fair amount of.


I would even venture that it's pretty close between Alonso and Gerrard as to which is more important to us currently. We miss Gerrard's drive when he doesn't play but we miss Alonso's dictating play when he doesn't play. We look lost without him. Stevie's more all action and would strengthen any team, but when we are Alonso-less I am always very concerned that we won't produce.

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Jan Molby it is for me purely based on the personal opinon that he was more able to influence the game through his range of passing and keener understanding of when to release a ball, something I'm not convinced Gerrard has mastered to the same degree. Souness was more a destructive force than a creative one though I might be doing him an injustice as time does blur perspective a bit

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To be fair to the lad if he was playing with the likes of Dalglish, McDermott, Case, Kennedy, Whelan around him he would have been better than Souness who in my opinion was the best central midfielder we have had. Gerrard can change a game with his energy, his passing and his finishing. Souness was allowed to anchor the middle but wasn't expected to get goals and drive us forward. If we put Stevie in the team of the 70's and 80's he would have been one of the greatest to have ever played.

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