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Old Pictures Of Liverpool City Centre

charlie clown

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Guest efcrmagic

This where Liverpool football club come from, Liverpool.


Happy to help.


The last 2 photos are beautiful.

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You with JM still?



I got redundancy from Littlewoods about 3 years back.

I'm back working for them on a contractor basis.

they paid me to leave and now they pay me 3 times as much to work for them again!!!!! :thumbs:


I make a lot of jokey remarks about getting older in various posts - but I always feel this is the Liverpool I know best - even down to the two tone Humber cars outside Fenwick's and across the road from Reece's. A shame there are no photos of the old St George fishmarket and botanical gardens, the last ever old pissoire style bog on Old Hall Street or something those of us of a certain age will remember with affection - the trams on London Road or the Dockers umbrella - the first electrified overhead railway anywhere in the world. The last of it was taken down when i was a kid.


One thing these photos seem to show that ties in with my memory - Liverpool was a much emptier place back then - as it appeared was the world generally. It's both a pleasure and yet somehow painful seeing that long gone version of Liverpool and it's still extant bomb damage I used to play in - It ivokes a smile and also a slight melancholia for things now consigned only to memory.


feckin'ell Fyds, how old are you!!!???

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