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Things kids say ....

Ostrich Man

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not going to go into any actual exmaples here, but my 15 year old is so precise in what he will and won't answer we are convinced he is autistic spectrum. This hasn't actually happened but a typical expample would be:


'do you wnt a cup of tea'


'can you decide then'

'I've decided'

'will you tell me'


'will you tell me know'


'go on then'




'so tell me, > do you want me to make you a cup of tea? I am about to walk into the kitchen and make a cup of tea, it will be hot, with one sugar, a small amount of milk, and will be made in about 2 minutes and cool enough to drink in about 5 mintes. Do you want me to proceed and will you take the drink off me when it is made and drink it when it is at an appropriate temperature?'

'which of those questions do you want me to answer and in which order?'


etc.etc. ad nausuem.



when it is the other way round and he offers to make a cup of tea it goes more like this:


'do you want a cup of tea?'

'no thanks but I'll have a coffee please'

'do it yourself then' slams door, walks off in a huff.

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