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Barca's next next next big thing

Guest Joaquin

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Guest Joaquin

Thought the next thing to come from Barca, was the Mexican Giovanni dos Santos.


See the title again. This kid is the next next next. :D

Speaking of dos Santos, his kid brother, Jonathon dos Santos (I think) is quite a handy player too. ;):)

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They seem to have improved it in recent years. They have a huge academy, bring kids from all over the world who live "on campus", I think they're going down a similar route to Ajax.



That's it exactly - having had such a long procession of ex-Ajax players playing for and managing them as far back as Cruyff and Neeskens all the way to Kluivert and Rijkaard, you'd have thought they would have got their shat together a long time ago - internal politics perhaps.

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