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Why didn't we "go for it"


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I could post this after nearly every game, and I'm sure most people will think "Oh not another one", but Jesus I hate Andy Gray. What was all that "I just wish they'd go for it" sh*te all about, we battered them, they barely had a sniff in the whole game and we created chance after chance.


As for the Stevie G stuff, way to state the obvious Andy, of course his best position is in the centre, but our replacements in the centre are a lot better than our replacements on the right so at the moment we're better with Stevie on the right.


Also, all hail Didi the match-winning-influence ;)

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ahhh I don't listen to the commentry - just put the 'crowd' option on. But that went funny, so I ended up sticking the commentry back on :unsure: Guess I caught the goodish bits, they where just being complimentary when I listened in! But it was only a few minutes.


I liked how we did go for it at the end - even though we went for it anyway, if that makes sense! But we never thought, a fec it - it's gonna be a draw. Sub a central midfielder for an attacking midfielder. Happy days.


Also, the way Sissoko and Alonso played in midfield - we can afford to allow Stevie G to continue on the right, which is nice. Bet teams like Arsenal wish they had that 'problem' with central midfielders.

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The whole fuss over Stevie not playing in middle (from the media) is infuriating.


Rafa has been frustrated in his attempts to get a RW in.


As Carra said "Stevie is not only the best CM in the league, but also the best RM"


So the best option for the team is to put Stevie there sometimes. At least until next season when (we hope!) a top class RW will come in


Is that so hard to understand??


But we do miss him when he's not in the middle and in the thick of things! :lol:


What's my point again?? :D

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