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Just back from the game


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I am just in from the game I was in the lower anny road and thought it was a bit disrespetful to Stevie when he came to take the pen for some of the lower anny singing for robbie. Everbody should now that raffa picks the penalty takers before hand and that he was a bit annoyed when they let crouch take one . It must have been I bit off putting for Gerrard I thought it at the time and I just new he would miss.



I was hoping Fowler would take it as I had a fiver on him for first goal scorer. I really don't think Gerrard missed because he was upset that the fans sang Robbie's name, it was just a good save.


Also just a minor point but try and watch the grammar and spelling please. Cheers. ;)

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jesus.,..when will peole realise that players miss pens.,..it happens...Gerrards last few have been fine....


Fowler hasnt been perfect taking them in the past...and someone asking for Xabi?? Took one...missed one..ffs


I heard someone coming out saying that Fowler should have taken it because it is an easy way off the mark....ask Crouchy ffs

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Forget the penalty, forget the result.


Was that one of the worst Arsenal teams to come to Anfield under Wenger ?





Easily. Even the team from our the treble season when we thumped them 4-0 were better.


we mugged them though to be fair

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Still not convinced by Stevie's penalty taking. Yes he's scored with a few this season but they all tend to be as close to the keeper (more or less) as his effort last night. Don't think that's good enough at this level.



Agree with that.


Danny Murphy for instance, had a great penalty technique. Precisely struck pens in the top corners. Very difficult for goalies to save.


I'm not advocating for bringing him back though. :)

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one thing I wanna say is I hope that f***ing awful dance re-mix club version of YNWA never gets released... shocking..


this post made me homesick, there are some things that you can't recreate in a foreign pub. one of them being the awful novelty rubbish big george plays! the match is just not the same without some 'scotch on the rocks' or whatever

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