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sweet, sweet well deserved win. That little magician f*** popped up again.


Dude 7

Finnan 9

Carra/Sami 9

Riise 7.5


Kewell 8

Xabi 8

Gerrard 8.5

Momo 7.5


Mori 8

Fowler 7


Subs 10. Didi sho, Garcia goal. Great !

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Guest RedIsMyColour

Outside the box I thought he was excellent, but as soon as he entered it he transformed into the worst striker on the planet.


Hes showed some nice touches early on.


But he never created anything and his finishing was awful.


Cannot fault his effort but he isn't doing what we bought him for unfortunately.

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Dudek - Didn't have much to do but did it well = 7


Finnan - Same Old Solid SF = 7.5

Hyypia - Solid aswell, could have scored too = 7.5

Carragher - ...."____" As always. = 7.5

Riise - Good in attack good in defence = 7.5


Kewell - Caused their right back heaps of problems and helped keep FL/RP quiet = 8.5

Momo - His best performance in a long time in my opinion, good distribution for once = 9

Xabi - Found his range of passing back and got stuck in vs Gilberto = 8

Gerrard - Quietish but had some wonderful crosses throughout the game = 8


Fowler - Good Movement and unlucky not to score, definately getting fitter = 8

Morientes - Reading over Match Thread, some people were overly critical of him, had a decent enough header just wide and nobody seems to notice flamini got a touch on his "open goal" late on. Great in the air = 8


Hamman - Solid, great shot for the goal = 7.5

Cisse - Good pace and dominated flamini for the short time he was on = 7

Garcia - Was thinking while he warmed up, about how his movement and anticipation was missed and proved it with his poacher's goal and runs in his short spell = 7.5

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Dudek 7, didn?t have much to do but when called upon he did well

Finnan 8, had a very good game but he was lucky Adebayor was offside or else...

Riise 7, got found out couple of times but his attacking game was good

Carra 8, vg game

Hyypiä 8, good interceptions during vital moments

Kewell 7, he's clearly lost his shooting boots but he gave Ebue plenty to think about

Gerrard 9, Stevie G did almost everything: attacking, defending, creating and unlucky with a well struck penalty but luckily it didn?t matter in the end

Alonso 9, was immense, controlled the game from A-Z and showed is compatriot Fabregas that he's still got a long way to go before reaching his level. Oh, and he brought his passing boots with him :)

Sissoko 8, his interceptions and tackling were world class but his distribution is letting him down big time! If he learns to pass the ball and not give it away he'd be near world class by now.

Morientes 4, bloody useless in front of goal! Is he playing off Fowler? Seems to me Fowler's the one creating all the chances for him.

Fowler 7, had a good game, was unlucky Lehman was inform today but he stretched their defenders and created a brilliant opportunity for Moro.



Cissé 6, didn?t have much time to impress but he was still clean through on goal with no bloody goalkeeper only for his first touch to let him down big time, again, and not for the last time.

Hamann 7, good shot but great goalkeeping by Lehman, didn?t have much time on the pitch but he did his job well.

Garcia 8, purely for the goal, priceless. Didn?t to anything until then but that?s enough for me!

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Dudek - 7 - In the right place when needed

Back 4 - 8 - never really looked threatened apart from a couple of minutes around the 80 minute mark

Gerrard - 7 - Put some lovely crosses in

Alonso - 8 - Obviously got his sniper scope fixed

Momo - 9 - phenomenal, he wins tackles nobody else on the planet could

Kewell - 8 - Gave Eboue a torrid time and looked lively throughout, still a yard short of his maximum pace but looks full of confidence and ready to unleash all hell on some poor full-back any time now

Mori - 8 - Can't understand the stick he's getting, he was very good in the first half

Fowler - 7 - Vintage Robbie for that touch and shot move just after half time.

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some f***ing weird people..Mori is getting slated harshly imo....he worked hard...won alot of ball in the air....but itisnt happening for him in front of goal...shouldnt disguise the fact that he is putitng alot of effort in..anyway...

















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Dudek - 7 - had nowt to do all night, but when Henry had a go from range, the ball was moving around a fair amount, and Dudek did the smart thing. Concentration across the game is what great goalkeepers are made of.


Finnan - 8 - Had a hard job in the second half, as most of Arsenal's attacks came down his way, and as Henry drifts out that way he had to be on his toes, but does he ever have a bad game defensively? Still got forwards to overlap and support the attacks as well. Best right back in the country.


Carra - 8 - Carra was Carra, marshaled the line perfectly, and linked up with Hyppia expertly.


Hyypia - 8 - Same as Carra, and still nearly scored with a flick Zola would be proud of.


Riise - 8 - Best left back we've got, Arsenal tried to target him early in the game, but he saw them off, and supported attacks right throughout the game.


Gerrard - 7 - Great crossing, tracking back and tackling. Doing a job he's probably not keen on for the team, and doing it well. Unlucky with the pnealty as well.


Momo - 9 - Feck me what a monster.


Alonso - 8 - Can't remember seeing a side give him that much time and space for a while, his passing was exquisite at times, and got his foot in when needed.


Kewell - 7 - Their right back will probably have nightmares tonight about Kewell. Gave him a hell of a time during periods, but started to tire in patches. Nearly scored an amazing overhead.


Morientes - 7 - The stick he;s getting is unbelievable. Worked his nuts off all night, and just needs one to deflect off his knee and go in.


Fowler - 7 - Ah God, I thought that effort on 51 minutes was in!


Rafa - 9 - Sent out the team to do the job and put Arsenal under pressure and thats exactly what happened, and when the subsitutions needed to be made what does Rafa do? Sends one on to set it up, and the other to finish (sort of).

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How can anyone state that Morientes had a good game?

His finishing, not for the first time, was poor; imagine the response on this board if Cisse had missed the chances that Morientes has missed in the last two games.

I think its time to face facts; Morientes has been a grave disappointment and must be sold back to a Spanish side while he retains a scintilla of re-sale value - Athletico Madrid perhaps?

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I supported Crouch, Mori and even Cisse more recently for the lack of goals coming from them, but we all need to take the red cloth thats covering our eyes and see the truth.


If we had of lost, the only thing we would have been talking about would of been Mori's misses. Lets be honest with ourselves, we show more mercy to our oponents then bloody god himself.


I love Mori, he seems like a really top guy, but his job is to SCORE GOALS!!


Did he set up a goal today? has he set up a goal Recently? No.


Crouch has atleast set up goals when he hasnt scored them.


I cant help but feel that he has till the end of the season.

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