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steve bruce and son. . .

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nice nepotism there, cribbins. play your defender son in midfield ahead of an england international central midfielder who subsequently storms out of the team hotel. way to instil the team spirit. wouldn't have been quite so bad if you hadn't got walloped 3-0.

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Paddy Bruce is a midfielder now? Another identity crisis...


It's a farcical situation when we have the likes of Alex Bruce "choosing" the Republic of Ireland over the North because they are a better team at the moment. I know we are struggling a bit for quality players but Alex f***ing Bruce :rolleyes:

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How dare you abuse Steven Staunton's children by suggesting Alex Bruce shouldn't be allowed to pick whatever country he likes. How dare you!


I can only imagine their outrage as they abuse me in their Louth/Scouse/Brummie accents :)

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