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When I was based in Hamburg, I had a colleague who was not exactly the most popular person. In my opinion that was a bit unfair and I felt quite sorry for her. I always came to her defence and tried to support her as good as possible.


One day, we were on a flight together. As we never had any problems before, I chose the door position on her side and she was really grateful for that.


The service was chaotic on the first leg and I wasn't satisfied at all. I didn't get her requests several times and she became more and more impatient. She finally told me in the middle of the cabin to listen more carefully.


When we were back in the galley, she asked me why I was so different that day. It all ended up in a heavy disagreement and she gave me some good advice for the future.


I was really infuriated.


Hmm... as I knew that news spread like wildfire, I made use of our galley-talk and chatted with some people after our return. Of course, I was very objective - but my strategy was perfect. It was a sure thing.


Well, what shall I say. Some days later, the appointment with the head of cabin (that I arranged for her in the first place a few weeks earlier) was cancelled, her contract was not extended - and I got the confirmation for the purser training.

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