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Hospital in 7 hours

Stevie H

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Good luck/hope all went well


As it's planned, the stories (such as fyds' above) are in my experience exaggerated. Or his Mrs was playing him up


My wife is fine and has been for over a week (he is 2 weeks old today). She's lugging the car seat about, walking fine and has happily been negotiating the stairs to our flat (3rd floor).


The insurance company has said "if the doctor says she's OK to drive, she's insured" so she's also driving.


We were told that we'd be in hospital till the Sunday (born a Tuesday) and she was out on Friday lunchtime.


He's feeding fine, and lucky for us, he's sleeping about 4 hours between feeds. Breastfeeding is more pleasant all round (you're absolved and the nappies are not quite so hazardous!)


And Bootser, it's me looking for the snip...



Edit to add: I may be biased. Her mum is over from the US and it's a full time job for three. Much as I take the pee out of teenage single mums, they have my admiration for doing this alone. Fookin hard work for the three of us!

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Be careful with the woman there Dazzla. My wife had a C section for our son and I completely overlooked the fact that she could not pick him up and cuddle him properly straight after the op... For a few days infact, she was very sore. I made the mistake of enquiring whether she was unhappy (read too much crap about post-natal depression etc). Remember to help her enjoy these first few days.


Otherwise, all the best.

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