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Where do your priorities lie?


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If you could pick one of our next three games to be a guaranteed win, which one would it be?


For me it'd have to be the FA Cup game as there's a long way to go in the league to rectify a further slip up and we'd still have the home leg against Benfica to go.

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If we were in with a chance of winning all of them:




FA Cup


As we're playing for second place in the league i'd prefer a victory in the cup games and a loss in the league, rather than 3 points in the league but getting knocked out in the cups.

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My priorities:


Finish higher than the bluescum- not very difficult this season is it? ;)


Finish higher than the Mancs and Arsenal.


Win a a cup.


Would prefer the CL as it has more "pulling power" worldwide - i.e. foreign players wanting to join etc...


If we win the CL again then obviously I would place a lot of importance on winning the club championship just to annoy certain people inside FIFA who have an anti-British club agenda...

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I really want to win the CL again but if you're aksing which of these three games I'd rather with it's definately the manc game. Losing ot Benfica in the first leg won't mean we can't go through and losing to Arsenal won't mean we can't finish second.

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