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Adu in talks with Chelsea and Man Utd

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and the beeb



Adu holds Chelsea & Man Utd talks


Freddy Adu's agent has admitted holding "friendly discussions" with both Chelsea and Manchester United, but says any deal has yet to be agreed.


BBC Sport last week revealed the 16-year-old American, who plays for DC United, was being watched by Chelsea.


On Sunday Adu's agent Richard Motzkin told BBC Radio Five Live: "Chelsea and Manchester United have talked with us about Freddy and are interested.


"Those discussions have taken place over the years and will continue."


The 16-year-old, who made his international debut for the USA in January, is a prime target for Europe's top clubs.


Chelsea would have to agree a deal with both Adu and Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States but the club's financial firepower means this is unlikely to present a problem.


Motkin added: "We know the people at Chelsea well and they are good people, as well as at Manchester United and we will engage in freindly discussions with people.


"At the appropriate time and location Freddy will get an opportunity.


Despite the interest of Chelsea and Manchester United, Motkin denied reports that a deal had been struck or negotiations over a transfer have taken place this season.


"There is not a deal been done with Chelsea at this time.


"There hasn't been contact along the lines of a deal being done with Chelsea or Manchester United this season.


"No deal has been done with any club for Freddy to go anywhere at this time."


MLS said it has not spoken to any club about Adu's future.


"He plays for DC and will be playing for DC for the foreseeable future, " said MLS deputy commissioner Ivan Gazidis.


Chelsea's management team met Adu for the first time during a pre-season tour of the US in July 2004 and invited him and his mother to their game against AC Milan in New York.




right, have heard alot about him, but never seen anything of him... is he really as good as 'they' make out? If he went to the mancs then I guess it will stop them all salivating over that Rossi t** for a while.

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He's incredible. But the Chelsea talk is hilarious, because he was suspended by DC United for a game last season for complaining about not getting any playing time. What the hell would he do on the bench with Chelsea?


Also, his "Dream Team" has changed. It became Chelsea once they got money and bought the league. It had been ManYoo. Or Arsenal. Whoever happened to top the league at the time.

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he's the kornikova of US football, without the looks.


A poster boy to get everyone going.


He is pure hype and a Football Manager player.


In the last few years, he's mentioned arsenal, manyoo, chelsea, barcelona and milan as his favourite team.


at least we are staying well away!!

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