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What happened to the "Special One"

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Did he choose to duck out again after a defeat? What a fecking chicken shet. He doesn't lose much but he can't take defeat like a man. Horrible dispicable barsteward.


As it said in some tabloid today, he send out his "lapdog" Steve Clarke when he's sulking.


Really has no class. Did you hear what he said about Boro?


summat along the lines of: "I like it when a smaller team raises their game against a team of much better quality".


The equivalent of patting the whole Boro team on the head.


What a dick this guy is. Surely there is no such thing as being a "neutral" when it comes to Chelsea? How anyone could like him, or thing he's funny/entertaining is beyond me.

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somebody told me that the Huddersfield players wee really pissed off after there cup tie as he offered to show them round the home dressing room and there facilities like they were abunch of school kids...apprantly most of them told him to b****x


patronising c***

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You're right about that, 14 defeats in 5 and a half years. Impressive...


No doubt about it. But a little less sensational when you think of it as Chelsea [with their bottomless pit of cash] and Porto, who aren't exactly up against Europe's elite week in, week out. Portugal have some good teams, and with both teams [even with cash] he's hard to play against some very good sides, but it's still not as impressive as it sounds, in my opinion.

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