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Rock school


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Anyone watch this?


The second series is with some kids from an inner city school and it's reet good.


Or Lowestoft as its otherwise known :bleh:


That chav drummer needs a slap, the bassist is one seriously annoying bint, the singer's awful - he'd really got his work cut out there

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Anyone remember the first series about 20 years ago? Deidre Costello, the guitarist was an old mate of mine - the first session job I was ever hired for by a producer friend called John Etchells was to work backing vocals and bass on her band 'Tour de Force' in about 1980 as the bass player was new and a bit pants - not able to get up to speed in the studio time available. It was a good laugh - I can only rewmember one track, a multi-layered thing called 'Megalomania'. We recorded it at EMI studios on Denmark Street. Ah, yesterday....

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You mean that there has been more than two series? :o

There was one purely about the mechanics and techniques of playing with occassional star guests in the 80's. I'll google it...see what I find


Addenda : Found plenty on John Etchells, hardly surprising - but nothing much as yet on Deidre or her band.

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