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iPod Question...

Gray - YPC

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Is it as simple as just setting it up as "do not automatically update the iPod" and then manually copying the music from your library to the iPod


I've got an iPod mini and my arl fella has just bougt an iPod Nano..... do we use the same iTunes? Will boht of our music appear in the library, and we just have to manually download things onto our individual iPods?


Any help is appreciated - i've tried online help but that's crap



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... And here's another one.


When manually dragging tunes from your library into iPod, how do you stop the the external drive window opening everytime?

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me and the missus both have ipods - we use the same itunes.


i think all I did was what you have said. set it up so it doesn't copy automatically, then set up our own playlists and drag and drop them on the ipod. i think we loaded the software for each to the pc as well obviously.

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