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Does anyone on here own/drive a Mini?

Guest TanMan

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Aside from all the inevitable gay jokes :rolleyes: is it a good car for nipping about town in?


I'll be getting a convertible one, now you can start the gay jokes :D

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Finally, when a woman joins in the thread, some decent advice :thumbs:


Tetti. I've got a van that is my only mode of transport at the moment. It's a very nice van with 6 seats and practical but it's a bugger to do the school run or supermarket run in as it's too big to park. I'm looking for something that's practical for short trips, but also exciting and fun. My girlfriends got a Megane convertible which is too big and the next door neighbours have a 206CC, so that's defo not as option :handbagsatdawn: ;)


The only other alternative is a 3/4 year old Golf but they dont really float my boat





I bought a very sober Ford Focus. I don't know if they do a MLC model :rolleyes:


If I was being wild, I have always liked the PT cruiser...

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