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lunchtime kickoffs. . .

Guest Wilko

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Cannot stand early kick-offs. There's hardly any atmosphere at them. 7:00 start for a game taking place 20 miles away :wacko:

Unfortunately though there's hardly any atmosphere at most of our games,Charlton on Wed was as poor as Wigan yestreday.

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anyone remember the last time we played really well in a lunchtime kickoff match? present form and yesterday's rugby pitch accepted, we never seem to get out of the blocks in a lunchtime game. hopefully we'll be a bit more awake against the mancs next saturday.


Wigan at home. Lunchtime kick offs are f***ing w*** then again it doesnt really affect the atmosphere as its the same at most games.

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actually, I love the lunchtime kick offs.


the game starts at 6.45 am over here, i get up and watch the game in peace and the game is done by 8.45am and I have the rest of the day to enjoy.


i say they change all the kick offs to between 12 noon and 1 pm.



Oh hurrah! Let's inconvenience the poor divs who pay much money, MUCH money, to go and provide the background noise in the actual arena so our cousins from the provinces and protectorates may not be dis-commodiated. ;)

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You try a 5 hour train journey to arrive at some s***hole like Southampton in time for a couple pints before a 12:45 kick-off.


It might be easier for you but it's a f***ing nightmare if you're going the match. You can tape the game if it's on at an inconveniant time, we obviously can't do that.


I hate 12:45 kick-offs, they're s****, they ruin good away days like Villa for example which I always look forward to as a good away. Many a good away day has been ruined by 12:45 kick offs, only plus side is you normally get home at a reasonable time.



It hardly ruins the day, you just get pissed earlier, not much of a problem there.

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