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todays purchases

Ostrich Man

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robert johnson king of the delta blues



You'll listen to that a lot... :D I think I only made it the whole way through once.


I bought a great Blind Willie Johnson compilation cd a while back, but my wife has hidden it on me. Apparently coming home to the sound of dead black men shouting isn't her thing.... :rolleyes:

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The first two are excellent films


The second two are s***


STILL haven't seen fifth element :o


I watched Minority Report yesterday afternoon after the game. I still think it's good.


Watched Mission: Impossible today. Not as good as I remember it (think I was 19 when I saw it last!) but it was still entertaining.


Truman Show is Jim Carrey at his absolute best.


Donnie Darko I absolutely adore.


Fifth Element is well worth watching. Bruce Willis has actually done some truly excellent movies, Twelve Monkeys being another of my favourites (nobody mention Hudson Hawk though ;) )

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