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Most overated album in the world


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Seargeant Pepper's


An album chock full of great songs but.......


Cited as one of the first 'concept' albums. What a load of f***ing baloney.


I'll accept its a 'Concept' album if the concept is too have an idea, take it about 25% of the way, then just stick to what your good at and fill it up with catchy tunes.

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The Stone Roses is a decent shout. Nothing else mentioned thus far is...do people actually really rate The White Album?


Urban Hymns is f***ing rubbish. Parachutes by Coldplay? But that isn't really rated is it?


Agree but Urban Hymns did have its moments, Space & Time/Velvet Morning are stand-outs on it.


White Album has some classics on it though. While My Guitar..., Blackbird, Helter Skelter, Happiness is a Warm Gun.. More than enough really.

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