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Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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I'm listening to a band I played in 20 years ago.


I found a compact cassette of some 40 mins of noise recorded on the 9th of February 1986. Garage rock, three guys, 10 self-penned tunes and a couple of covers.


I decided to digitize the lot and make a CD out of it and send it to the friends in question. Managed to find some old photos and made a proper cover as well. Found the addresses and sent the CDs so that they were received yesterday (the 9th of Feb, exactly 20 years later).


I've already received some joyful emails, text messages and phonecalls. The wives and kids of my partners in crime have been extremely surprised.


Made me very happy, that. I've yet to find out whether I've opened a can of worms here... A reunion is very difficult as we live too far apart, but I'm meeting the drummer next Wednesday for the first time in about 16 years. Said he's planning to buy a drumset...

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