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Liverpool players spotting thread


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Stevie Gerrard's just turned up in our firm's car park with his missus. He was in a right fecking car. His missus was looking pretty decent too.


Can't reverse park, mind. Took him forever to get into a spot with no cars either side of it. And his missus had to get out to guide him in.


So if we can muster up £2.50 between us I can do a DVLA search and there we go, we've got his address.

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Guest Les Howard

I saw Morientes playing in the Liverpool Zingari League in Wavertree Playground.

He was up front for the Dog and Duck - but got subbed :bleh:

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I've been to the Sapporro Japanese Restaurant in Duke Street twice in the past 6 months, and both times saw Reds players (apparently getting carry-outs) - first Zenden with a rather attractive partner, next time Alonso and Reina, plus a 3rd fella who may have been his Villareal mate who was over at the time. Clearly a good spotting location.


(I also spotted David Weir in Borders, actually looking as if he was going to choose a book without pictures!)

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