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Bootser Makes Mental Note


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the one in today's Guardian is a good un. I'll see if I can find it....


here it is....


from Guardian problem


I fear for my son's life


After researching her symptoms on the internet, my son believes that his girlfriend has histrionic personality disorder, but she refuses to seek help. Her behaviour is irrational and she is sometimes violent. She has threatened him with a knife and has threatened to kill him. She enters uncontrollable rages, like a Jekyll and Hyde character. When he tries to talk to her about it, she gets angry, abusive, depressed, violent and upset, all at the same time.


He met her abroad and relations between them were already bad before they returned to the UK 18 months ago. I advised him not to let her move into his flat, but due to her depression and isolation, he felt he had no alternative. He loves her, but finds the situation intolerable and wants her to move out. However, she will not leave willingly.


I worry that my son has become demoralised and I fear for his safety. Is there anything I can do? So far I have offered advice only when asked.

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