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anny road

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Eating: Chillie Lasagne with Rocket and Parmesan Salad (made by my wife)

Drinking: Grolsch

Reading: Three Stories by alan Bennet

Watching: The Gooners getting knocked outof the cup

Reading: The Grauniad


I have various cheese for later...Blue Stilton, A mature Cheshire, A Wenslydale, and a White Stilton with Apricots and Pear...I dont normally like cheese with fruit but this is excellent

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yeah waiting for mates to turn up that are notoriously bad at getting here on time, not an issue when there isn't food involved which is every time so far so waiting before turning the oven on

at least drink the good wine as a small moral victory over their tardyness!

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Maccy Ds from a drive through. Cheap Carlsberg Black label (fiver for 24 from Denmark), watching absolute shi t TV and calling up my mates around the world to ge the full story on their recent misadventures. Wearing old training shorts and tee shirt. Have feet on coffee table and am farting with impunity.


(Yes, she's gone out)

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the missus just secured a new job yesterday so we pushed the boat out and filled the most bourgeois shopping basket we ever managed.




home-made prawn cocktail - nowt wrong wi' a bit o' retro


fillet steak, with mushroom/sherry/cream sauce, char-grilled asparagus, fried polenta cakes with pecorino & pureed swede


chevre de tomme, cashel blue cheese with crackers.




sloe gin

koelsch lager

kir royale (aussie fizz)

crozes hermitage

late bottled vintage port


a marxian nightmare ;)

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went out with the family (nothing special like) to the local nando's.


had half a 'piri piri' chicken, loads of fries, spicy rice and some salad washed down with unlimited amounts of orange fanta.


Nando's is feckin brilliant when your starving - you get all that above on this massive plate and it only all comes to about £8 all in.

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