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Team for Birmingham?

Gray - YPC

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I love formation threads :)


Team for Portsmouth:







Subs: Carson, Traore, Warnock, Alonso, Cisse



Team for Birmingham:







Subs: Carson, Agger, Kromkamp, Kewell, Morientes

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Subs: Dudek, Hyypia, Fowler, Riise, Crouch


Rest Finnan with a view to Chelsea next Sunday.


I do think Fowler could be like a Raul-type foil for Morientes. Similar in stature and style.








Subs: Dudek, Hyypia, Moro, Garcia, Finnan



then robbie can mop up all crouchino's knock downs. 27 - 0

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Idiotic management that :angry:


Team will be:



Carra Carra Carra Carra

Fowler Carra Carra Fowler

-------Fowler Fowler-------


If I don't have a big enough post count, ask Elisha for confirmation.


Henchoz plays for Wigan. :rolleyes:

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