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nice call mat --have to say though that one of the owners had the same info and posted it in a closed forum - because we were waiting for a second source before running it as a confirmed news item!!!



whilst waitng for the second source mat posted it publically and fair play to him for that!!

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Guest Les Howard

'scuse me but t'was I who brought the Fowler debate here. :bleh:


Remember the thread about 'Would you have Fowler back....on a sensible contract?'

I'd come across some information that we would get him - so long as city didn't ask for a fee.


I don't have a source or nothing - just passing on what I'd come across meself so I can't claim any credit really.


Well done Mattster for the confirmation. It seems that we were in the know about this transfer from quite early on. (Makes a pleasant surprise)


Finally - Maddocks has written in today's Mirror that we went after Robbie in the summer but it didn't come off because of a back injury. Just a small paragraph in the Fowler Exclusive.

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odd how he didn't scoop the story?


i reckon maddock and the local press would have known about this signing earlier on in the week. especialy maddock with his strong fowler connections (heard he is the godfather to one of robbies kids??).

i reckon the clubs decided to keep this one quiet just for the impact and shock the deal would cause, as it did with it just being announced out of no where. usualy all deals these days are reported through the negotiations, very rare for there to be shock signings these days.


oh ye, good call mattster :cool:

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The internet is king after this affair.


Not that it matters to me, and I'n sure there will be contradictory reports, which site was first with the news? I remember seeing someone saying Ktalk running it but the whole metaphor about Monkey's typing out Shakespeare definitely springs to mind there.

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