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Eating and shopping in Brussels


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Alright, a big "girly" topic but I'm off to Brussels for a business trip next week and have some time to spend inbetween meetings. Now I really need to do a bit of shopping but I've been told that it's really expensive there and hard to find good stores. Can anyone give a hint ?


Also, any suggestions on good restaurants there ?


If there's a forumite in Brussels next week, that want's to drivvel about Fowler, Benitez and all things Liverpool over a pint, give me a shout :)

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I spent some of the summer in Brussels. There are plent of good places to eat out around Le Place du Chatelain near Avenue Louise. In the Conrad Hotel on Avenue Louise is a restaraunt called Loui Loui Loui that is especially nice and expensive. But if work is paying what the heck! They have a water list (never mind a wine list where one bottle of water is ?15!!!!).

Don't waste your time in the shops. You'll be robbed. If you do go to the shops start from La Bourse and head north. Pass on by the p*rn shops cos the stuff is 3 times cheaper on cd wow and 20 mins north somewhere up the right is the only custom built shopping centre I managed to find thanks to my girlfriend who was visiting. My advice tho is save your money for all the Irish and Belgian bars. Sample them both especially the Belgian beers like Leffe and my personal fave Duvel (savage!!!)

Oh and if your on a tram don't pay just hop on and off. Nobody gives a s***... ;)

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I can suggest some beer places.


What's stopping you ? ;)


Mono, thanks for that. I take it its a absolute no no to shop there ? Damn.


The bit about the porno shops, hmmm, don't know who told you I'm into porn, cos he's wrong! I'm not! Wheres CD now by the way ? :unsure:

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