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Starsky & Hutch

New York Red

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The only time I've seen her at any use was in "She's The One" with Edward Burns and Cameron Diaz. She was better looking in those days too.


Stiller/Wilson/Vaughan/Ferrell all seem to make very similar hit and miss films..


Like Dodgeball had its moments but Anchorman was naff.

Anchorman is one the best comedies I've seen in recent years, superb stuff.


On Aniston, it seems in nearly every romantic comedy they stick her in these days it's just a copy of her role in Office Space all those years ago.

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Starsky and Hutch was utter pants - and I thought Stiller did a better job of a version of Starsky that that uselles pouting twunt Wilson did of Hutch. Excorable film.


Oh - and I really like Will Ferrell - but apart from a few choice gags, Anchorman is extremely average and at times butt-clenchingly embarassing.

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I liked Anchorman too. They got a lot of details spot on in it.


I loved how they were all smoking in the office which looks so bizarre in an American environment now.


that's hardly spot on detail though, it's just lazy and cheap art direction.


Having said that, its a damn funny film.

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