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the s**** v arsenal

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make sme laugh... .all the cheersapplause when Stubbs came on.... from stories I have read since yesterday on footy forums I got the impression from blue noses that there will be mass booing and season tickets thrown onto the pitch :rolleyes:


that offside against Henry was shocking.. he was about 3 yards onside... lucky b******s.... a draw will do me.

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I wanted Arsenal to win. Theres no way Id ever support Everton at this time of year



What time of year would you support them? :o


Draw would have been nice, but for us, it's better to keep Arsenal pegged back as much as possible, so nothing wrong with them losing again!


Fabregas is easily wound up = note to Redmen :D Cahill did hit the deck double quick, but Fabregas deserved to go, he'd been gobbing off and getting wound up all through the 2nd half, and it seemed only a matter of time till he did something silly.


Arsenal from the sublime to the ridiculous again. A 7-0 drubbing of Boro to this. Lots of possesion, but they did FEC ALL with it.


And it took me 70 minutes to figure out who was playing in midfield with Fabregas.

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The result means a draw tommorow will be a decent result, a win would be even better if that's possible.


Not a huge shock though, Arsenal's away form is as bad as ours last year (or worse?) and at places like Everton who are playing like they were early last year they'll find it difficult. No 16yr old kid who can walk on water can change that ;)

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Arsenal where shocking, overplaying to the extreme. I hope Spanishfan was watching. They where just passing it about and going nowhere. Henry didn't look bothered at all by the end, Pires was invisible and they have no takling ability in midfield. I didn't see the new Viera make a single takle after he came on, and the team has no one willing to go into 50/50 or trying to compete for the second ball.


On a positive note i thought gilbert wasn't too bad at rightback but then he was only up against the "killer" :D .

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I feel bad for Fabregas. He's really getting hung out to dry this year. It's not fair to put that much responsibility on an 18 (or maybe 19 now) year old player in that position. I thought he showed decent fight and effort in the first half though, at least he wasn't getting pushed around. But it all went in the second half. Diaby won't solve the problem either. If I were Wenger I'd send Newcastle a picture of Scott Parker, a note for 8 million pounds, and a train ticket to London in the post come July.


Hleb is a good player, nice neat touches and all. But he was the very last person Arsenal should have spent 10 million pounds on. They don't need any more technical players or classy attacking midfielders. That's the whole f***ing team. A striker that stands in the box would be a good investment, as well as a DVD of Frank Lampard deflected shots from 20 yards.

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