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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

I need help from the patrons of YNWA


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On Sunday I am working till 3 and have had a request from a Manc to give him a lift home.

What I need is links to any Reds songs that I can download and then stick on a tape to make the trip home all the more enjoyable :D:D


About half an hours worth will be suffice.


You know the script



Scouser Tommy

Ring of Fire


etc etc


Go to it you lovely people.

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fecking tapes?


You can tell your scottish, get your hand in yer pocket and buy a cd player ;)

Still not got a CD player in the car so it has to be tapes and I dont use the car that often so havnt bothered.


I reckon the 5 or 6 methods of playing CDs in the house is quite enough thank you very much.


Geordie Clunt

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Slappy, Armin or Lib - if any of you fancy sharing those around, I won't object ;)

Have found a couple more on Shareaza :D



Scouser Tommy


I will send them later on Kahnee when I have finished downlaoding them and can be ersed to find your e-mail address.


Edit And a nice little ditty from Oasis.


Who the f*** are Man Utd...



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