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A case for Malbranque....


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we are getting exposed from time to time down the flanks, and if you can get full backs that can swing in good crosses, then that adds to our resilience. although i dont think its the right side that we have this problem with, we need a class fullback on the left imho or a more defensivly skilled LM

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If it was just a case of Alves or Malbraque I'd take Alves everytime. Alves is equally at home as an RM/RW as he is as a RB - and he can defend and tackle back too - I'm not worried about his crossing as from what I've seen of it he looks very capable and would have real target men to aim at rather than not, as is much the case now.


Malbranque is a good player - on his day, a very good player but those days haven't come around too often in the last 2 years, sometimes loss of form, sometimes injury. he's not a wing man but a definite no 8 style player to use old money - and we already have possibly the best in the business at that position. Malbranque is a Ged hangover - that chance came and went. Rafa will be after a more rounded and dynamic solution who fits his closely woven team ethic and that is always more likely to be an Alves than a Malbranque.

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