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Tottingham HotSpuds new badge

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we signed a 20m deal with Puma but the LG deal has not been confirmed yet but this is the expected kit(with the new badge of course)




we have a shocking amount of money to spend in the summer from what ive heard. :o



you'll almost be buying players in the summer again then

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From that Spurs link at the top...


"At the centre of the badge is the ?Cockerel and Ball?, an image synonymous with the Club and throughout its history. It also carries the Club name, Tottenham Hotspur, the true, official name of the Club. It is unique. In a world of Uniteds, Citys and Rovers, there is only one Hotspur."


But then....


"Such is the strength of the new badge, the Club name will not appear on the shirt version, which will be launched in the summer."


lol! :)


As far as I know, there's only one Argyle & one Alexandra...

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