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radio gaga


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radio 4 on the way to work in the morning. then radio 4 again from 6pm til 7pm. then sometimes bbc radio london from 7pm for danny kelly's sport show, sometimes radio 5 depending what's on. radio 5 on saturday morning from 9am til 12 midday.


Gotta love that Eamonn Holmes eh? :rolleyes:


I listen to Radio 1 very occasionally, Radio 4 for comedy, 6 Music, BBC7 for old comedy and 1Xtra but mostly Radio5. Can't bear commercial radio at all.


Oh aye and Radio 2 if there's somebody worth listening to on.

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i generally listen to 5live during the day and in the early hours of the morning. can't stand radio commercials, enjoy current affairs and sport, and am not too fond of dj's that spend more time talking than playing music.

The same with a bit of radio 3 thrown in - I like Mozart and Mahler...it's not a crime!

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Radio 3. Their complete Bach over Christmas was the musical equivalent of us winning the CL. It has to be the best classical music station in the world as, unlike Classic FM, they actually play the complete works, commission new works, take risks, don't just go for the "catchy" bits that everyone knows and have no adverts. Also they have presenters who actually know the music they are playing, not just DJs who are too old for Radio 1, but can't get a job anywhere else.

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How could you listen to him? He's dislikes everything and anything to do with Liverpool FC. He is a fisrt class cvnt


His views on LFC I take with a pinch of salt the size of Utah, but he talks a lot of sense about European footy in general, v. knowledgable and it's great to hear him ripping the s*** out of that twunt that presents it, Adrian Durham, and Houghton, who's mostly full of crap these days. Used to be better when him and Ballague were both on it, they'd go at it hammer and tong, especially over LFC.

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