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Burton V Mancs

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Guest Sladey from Wavertree

who is that t*** beeb commentator with the manc accent with lawro.

f***ing gushing over the glorious manu against non league burton.


Guy Mowbray - used to work for Eurosport and ITV. He's probably one of the best commentators the Beeb have got, and I can't think of a more damning indictment of their coverage than that.

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I particularly liked the quote; "O'Shea has had his critics in the league this season, but in midfield today he has looked a cut above."


He's playing against a non-league team for f***s sake! He should look a cut above. He should look like f***ing Ronaldinho for crying out loud!


it was brilliant wasn't it? loving saha's movement and strength up against a hod carrier and a welder.

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good point :penalties:

go on say you would have gone if you could have got a ticket


I was offered a ticket believe it or not.


I declined as there is no way in hell I am gonna give those horrible c***s any more money than I need to.


Why would I go to that horrible place unless Liverpool were playing there?


Once a year is more than enough!!

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