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Stadiums with running tracks

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I agree that they are awful, but what is the situatiuon witht the new Wembley? Will it have the provision for a running track by removing seats, but be a normal stadium for football?


p.s. that goat freaks me out too lol


p.p.s. the edit was because I quoted the wrong post

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no idea what the set up is with the new Wembley. got soooo sick of the old one that I vowed I'd never go again so I don;t care (plus its not my taxes funding it :D) That could change if LFC end up playing here though!



I like the goat. The goat is my friend. I do what the goat tells me.

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The new wembley will not have a running track. It was going to, but the redesign eliminated it.

Probably would have cost them an extra half a billion to include the track and delayed the construction until 2012

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there is a stadium in africa somewhere that has crocodiles in a moat around the pitch



owned by Ken Bates?





I like the goat as well, but the "Ooo, what's this button do?", which was funny, doesn't fit any more; and if you think it does, you're sick! :ohmy:




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